About the MRG Foundation

The MRG foundation was established on 1 February 2022, out of the will and desire to give something back to society.

The board of the MRG Foundation is composed of employees from the various MRG formulas to represent them within the Foundation.

The activities of the MRG Foundation are aimed at offering everyone in the Netherlands a good home. A home where you feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is still not a given for everyone in the Netherlands. And we are committed to those who need it most.

This commitment goes beyond the activities of the MRG Foundation, it extends to all employees of the various MRG formulas. In this way, we focus on the commercial strength of each formula and are able to support an initiative not only through financial donations, but also through the possibility of making these donations in the form of goods or the commitment of employees. This is how we contribute to supporting vulnerable people by creating a better home.

The MRG 

Everyone in the Netherlands has a good home, where they are safe and can live comfortably.

Meet the board of the MRG Foundation:

Kicky Reef (MRG) - Secretary; Michel de Boer (Blokker) – Treasurer: Jeanine Holscher (MRG) – Chairman: Celvin de Bie (Intertoys) Board Member: Cristel Willms (BCC) Board Member

Activities of the MRG foundation in 2022

Eerste vrijwilligers middag op 24 november met NL Cares

Met een groep collega’s hebben wij de gangen en een paar kamers voor de bewoners van het Hemsterhuis (begeleid wonen voor mensen met een beperking) in een gezellige kerstsfeer omgetoverd en hebben wij kleine klusjes gedaan, zoals het verven van een muurtje in de bewoner zijn favoriete kleur, Ajax-rood. Een zeer geslaagde middag

Collaboration with the Jeroen Pit House:

The MRG Foundation donated toys and household products in support of the opening of the Jeroen Pit House in Amsterdam.

Donation on the Giro555 action day:

Although the objective of the MRG Foundation is not directly related to Giro555, we found it important to make a financial donation to Giro555 on the national action day for the war victims in Ukraine.

Goods donation to The Forgotten Child Foundation:

The MRG Foundation donated toys and household products, for the benefit of Ukrainian orphans housed in one of the homes of The Forgotten Child Foundation.


The MRG Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 85366137
RISN: 863599679

Address details

Van der Madeweg 13
1114 AM Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 358 9000


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